This is a Governance initiative as part of the Polkadot 2.0 Strategy


UX is one of the most neglected and complained about topics in Web3. Polkadot is similar here. In our consultation with the Polkadot community, UX has always emerged as one of the two top issues needing improvement, next to DevEx. This is also reflected in the amount of mindshare dedicated exclusively to the topic. So far, only one prospective team has started attempts to work on the issue: Braille.

Currently, Braille focuses its efforts on setting up a UX bounty to begin a process of controlling the issue through foundational research and the development of best practices.

Problem Exposition

User Experience - Challenges


User Experience - Solutions


Key Stakeholders


The Braille team (Twitter) consists of former Parity employees Alex Houdz (Twitter) and Benoit Campagnaud (Twitter, LinkedIn). They are preparing the creation of the “UX Bounty”. Currently, their primary work consists of maintaining a Backlog with UX-related issues and solutions. More information is covered in their Google Drive Folder.


Parity is approaching this task by providing a meta issue in the Polkadot SDK Github: Issue #3901 Wishlist: Users. This issue is owned by Kian Paimani (Github, LinkedIn)


Points of contact for UX-related discussions: