This page presents a collectively developed strategy and direction for Polkadot. The strategy gathers the state of the ecosystem, the challenges it faces, the objectives to overcome our challenges, and a list of solutions.

It is still in development and we need YOU to make it better!

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Why Strategy?

"You can't write a strategy. It would be top-down.”

Strategy in its simplest form is a common understanding of shared direction. What should we do, what should we not do? Priorities.

Strategy can be dictated top-down, but that is not a constituent component. Strategy is about consensus and coordinated action. Things that we are pretty knowledgeable about in crypto.

Every major organization follows a strategy. Polkadot must too. Decentralized strategy is hard, because we are, for the most part, not equipped with the tools to make it happen. But let's keep it simple: A common understanding of what to do and coordinated action.

Approach and Scope

How can I contribute?

The Strategy